Million Dolar Milestone Summit: the event that will help you boost your business

By | May 17, 2020

Starting a startup is not easy, but growing a startup to a business of a certain size is one of the most difficult stages in the evolution of any skymarketing , since you have to know how to identify new areas of opportunity and establish plans. You will even have to learn about trial and error and that sometimes costs us a lot more work.

And we not only require our personal effort, but that of our entire team , to keep ourselves updated on the latest technologies, to acquire a greater portfolio of clients, in addition to knowing how to provide them with the best care.

Million Dolar Milestone Summit: the guide to grow your business

Surely something inside you tells you that there is something else you can do to make your business take off but you do not know for sure what it is and to help you, the hosting company Liquid Web brings you blue world city islamabad Summit, the only virtual summit that It is specifically designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs and micro agencies, with which you will understand how to take your business to the next level by learning what you have to start doing, as well as what you must leave behind to drive the growth of your company and boost your income.

This great webinar will include 5 hours of talks with 10 great experts who will share a key vision to boost your business and build new habits: invest in yourself, your business and your team, and each one of the conversations that you can have during the capital smart city islamabad Summit will catalyze a drastic change for your business.

Great coaches, mentors, and big business owners to help you level up include:

  • Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing, an own brand that includes courses, blog and other valuable resources for freelancers.
  • Steve Zehngut , founder of the digital agency Zeek Interactive
  • Chris Teitzel , founder of consulting firm Cellar Door Media.
  • Carrie Wheeler , Partner and COO of Liquid Web
  • Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO
  • Kori Ashton , businesswoman and speaker on topics such as web design, WordPress, SEO among other professional topics.
  • Nathan Ingram , creator of Advance Coaching and host of iThemes Training.
  • Chris Lema, speaker, blogger at WordPress & WooCommerce and vice president of products for Liquid Web.
  • Sara Dunn , founder and project leader at 11Web, design and marketing agency.
  • Chris Bintliff , from Not Really Rocket Science agency.

10 experts who will tell you the exact keys that your business needs

The Million Dollar Milestone will be held on June 18 starting at 12:00 pm Eastern time in the United States and until 5 pm , and among the topics that this event will touch on are: how to find customers suitable for your company, set the stage for accelerated growth , in addition to offering you a guide to intelligently delegate work without killing the bottom line, if you are a freelancer, you will know that it is extremely heavy to charge by the hour, at the park view cityYou can learn how to invoice to generate more profits .

If you are from the old school that always believes that offering the lowest prices you will get more satisfied customers, in this event you will learn that this is not the case, and how to manage your rates.

In short, each speaker will share his vision and extensive experience in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and will accompany you to discover what plans you should apply right now in your business and what you should stop immediately to achieve the growth you have longed for.

You can join this great online conference, choose the topics you are interested in , and know how agencies, freelancers and entrepreneurs can achieve annual income of 1,000,000 .