L Fam Weekly Jan. 25- 31


With less than two weeks left in San Diego, we are doing our best to soak up the last little bit of fun we can while also getting everything ready for our move.

This week was a busy one and we accomplished a lot!

While Emerson was at school, Adelyn and I met up with some friends for a kids concert and then hung out at the mall for a couple of hours. She used her birthday money from GG for a new baby and we grabbed some lunch. It's always fun getting one on one time with each kid.

 We had dental appointments for both girls. Emerson has been quite a few times and actually likes going but I was a little nervous for Adelyn. She went once right after she turned one and she was terrified. She pretty much cried the whole time. Luckily, this appointment went MUCH better. She was very cooperative and got a great report.

Both girls were cavity free!! Woohoo!

A Deployment Homecoming


Yesterday I shared a little bit about our experiences with deployment. As I mentioned, the VERY best thing about deployment is the homecoming. I wish I could put into words what it feels like to be reunited- the anticipation, the joy, the nerves. It's such an incredible feeling. Luckily, I don't have to say much because my amazing friend Jamie from Jamie Grant Photography was there to capture it for us.

There are quite a few pictures but I feel like they really tell the story of that day so it's hard to leave any out but I will do my best to narrow them down.

We had to arrive at 4:00 in the morning that day.  I planned our outfits around our usual warm and sunny San Diego weather but it ended up being rainy that day! Of course! By the time we got in the building we were already a little soggy but that wasn't about to damper our moods.

We waited inside for about 30 minutes and then they told us we could head out to the tarmac because the plane would be landing soon!! Eeeek! It was still dark but at least the rain stopped for a while. The girls got right up at the front to watch the plane land.

It seemed to take FOREVER from this point. Adelyn didn't really know what was going on but poor Emerson was so anxious to see her Daddy. The rain really started coming down and we all ended up getting pretty wet. So much for my carefully styled hair, right?

Finally, the plane landed and the guys started to disembark. Since there were two units on the plane, we had to watch another unit get off first. We stepped back and watched as they were reunited with their families.

Then our guys got off the plane and stood in formation for a while. This had to be the hardest part of the whole day. They were RIGHT there but still not there, if you know what I mean. But once they started walking our way, we couldn't help but cheer!

We Survived Deployment


One big thing that happened during my long blogging break was that Jesse deployed for 6.5 months (April to October of 2015.) To say that it was the longest 6.5 months of my life just doesn't do it justice. We knew it was coming for a while and I was just ready to get the good-bye over with. Knowing that you are about to see you best friend for the last time for over half a year it not a good feeling. Trying to explain it to your babies is even worse.

He is such a hands-on Dad and does so much around the house and with the kids. When's he's gone there is truly a void in our home that just can't be filled. We missed him terribly and literally counted down the days until his return.

Some days flew by because we were so busy but some felt like they lasted an eternity. In the grand scheme of things, 6 months isn't that long, but it sure felt like forever on the hard days. Luckily, we had awesome communication and we were able to FaceTime just about every day.   This was such a blessing! The girls grew and changed so much during that time and Jesse was able to watch it all through FaceTime, pictures and videos.
I'll be 100 percent honest and tell you we had some pretty tough days. Emerson cried and often said that she wanted her Daddy to come home RIGHT now! How do you explain to a 4 year old that Daddy would be home in an instant if he could?  I can definitely say that I had a few of my worst moments of motherhood. Being with the kids 24/7 with no relief was so hard and despite my best efforts, there were many days where it was just basically survival. We also had our share of ups and downs including our first broken bone (more on that later!)

Despite the tough times, the girls and I made some awesome memories during that time and I feel like our family grew in strength tremendously. I was tested to my limits in more ways than one and I came out of it stronger for sure. Of course, the harder the deployment, the sweeter the homecoming and it definitely was SWEET!!!
You can see all of the photos from our reunion here.

Hello? Is this thing on?


Hey there! I know it's been, well, a super long time since you've heard from me. Over a year, in fact! I don't know what happened but I definitely lost my blogging groove. I think it was around the time that Adelyn started walking.... at 7.5 months!!! Let's just say life has been pretty busy and blogging just took a backseat. Now, here we are with a 2 and almost 5 year old and I'm so sad that I missed blogging all those milestones!

That being said, I've felt the itch to start blogging again, so here I am.  When I started this blog almost 6 (YIKES!!) years ago, we had just started our lives overseas. We had left the comfort of home in North Carolina and found ourselves smack dab in the middle of East Africa. That was what started it all. And now? 6 years, three countries, four houses, two kids, and one dog later we are FINALLY headed back to our home in North Carolina. We are truly coming full circle! It seems only natural to pick up the blog again so that I can document it all.

We have just a few weeks left here in San Diego. We're trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can while also preparing for a cross-country move. I'm anxious to get going but I also truly dread the goodbyes. We've made some amazing friends here and found a church home that we truly adore. It's hard to believe that we may not see some of these people that are so dear to us ever again. Talk about bittersweet!

We've watched our babies grow and thrive and I know that they are also going to have some big adjustments with this move. Emerson absolutely loves her preschool and has made the sweetest little friends. She also has quite the tender heart and I'm preparing myself for some emotional days ahead. Luckily, she's also wise beyond her 4 years. She told me just the other day, "Momma, I know it's hard to move and leave our friends but at least we are going as a family. We will have each other."  Smart cookie, that one. Despite having to leave everything they've known for the last three years, both girls are pretty excited about the move. Thank goodness for flexible little people!

We're moving back into the house that we bought about 9 years ago. It was only three years old when we moved away and we've been renting it out for the last 6 years. We've had 4 different tenants since then and have only seen it once, over 5 years ago. To say that we are a little anxious to get in and check it out is an understatement.  We've had a property manager but they are honestly not the best so we have no idea what to expect. We know for sure we're going to need lots of paint and some updates here and there. Either way, I'm just thrilled to get back into our own home again. I've been pinning away and dreaming about all of the fun I'll have decorating each room. I'm seriously giddy just thinking about it.

So, that's where we are in a nutshell. I know that doesn't really fill in the gaps since I last blogged but I hope to play a little catch up soon. In the meantime, I hope you'll follow along as we start this new journey!  It's sure to be a wild one! :)

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