L Fam Weekly Feb. 1-7


One last trip to Ikea was in order since we won't have one nearby.  I went for some organizing items but that didn't stop us from checking out some furniture.

That night we went in the girls' room one last time to check on them and Emerson wasn't in our bed. After a brief panic we realized she was in Adelyn's crib. Sweet girls.

We had a playdate with some sweet friends but I failed and only took 1 picture. Oops!!

Emerson had a long day at preschool so Adelyn and I spent the morning at home. We did some cleaning and organizing but also a lot of cuddling.
She is always climbing everything and we find her in the most dangerous places. Don't worry though, this photo is totally staged.  I just wanted to freak Jesse out and it totally worked. Haha!
That night, Emerson spent lots of time with her favorite buddy. 

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