Christmas 2015


Our Christmas Eve didn't go quite the way we planned this year... Unfortunately, Jesse woke up with the horrible stomach flu that has been going around and could barely get out of bed.  We weren't able to do our normal Christmas traditions or attend the Christmas Eve service at church. I'll be completely honest and say that it was not an easy day. I did my best to keep the kids entertained but they were extra wild and I quickly ran out of ideas. Just keeping it real here, folks. ;)

Hot chocolate is always a good idea, right?

One of our traditions is to let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve after church. This year we decided to let them open it earlier in the day, hopeful that having something new to play with would keep them entertained.
 Emerson got Shopkins and Adelyn got an airplane. If you know our girls, you know these gifts couldn't be more fitting.

We got the girls in bed early that night to give Santa plenty of time to make his appearance.

He brought a baby stroller and cradle for Adelyn and a keyboard and art set for Emerson.
They were up before 5:30, ready to see their goodies!

The aftermath:

Adelyn's first coat (Goodbye California, hello North Carolina!)

 Playtime with new toys:

Jesse was feeling better but definitely not 100 percent. We all stayed in our PJs all day and this is our ONLY family picture from the day.
 It definitely wasn't how it pictured it going, but at least we were together and the girls had a great day. I'm definitely looking forward to next Christmas in our home. I can't wait to make new memories with my three favorites!

Thirty-One National Conference 2015


This year I experience my very first Thirty-One National conference. Since Jesse was deployed, the kiddos stayed with my parents in Texas. That was my first (and hopefully last) time flying with both girls by myself.  This peaceful looking picture is NOT an accurate representation of how the flights went.  Haha.

The conference was held at the Denver Convention Center in Colorado. After several months of solo parenting, I was pretty excited to head off by myself for a few days. That being said, it wasn't easy to say goodbye to the girls but I knew they were in good hands.

Our first day there was Director's Day. We learned all about effective leadership and heard from some awesome speakers.
That night, three of my team members arrived and we went to Super Session. It's basically a big party with music, laughter and more awesome speakers. Can you tell I was excited?
 The following day we started our general sessions. I can't begin to tell you how fun it is to be in a giant arena with 5,000 Thirty-One consultants. We got to hear the scoop on upcoming products and prints. There was LOTS of screaming going on.

Did I mention how we were spoiled? We walked away with so many fun products!! It's a purse and organization girl's dream!
One of the highlights of conference was Awards Night.

Because I promoted to Director in 2015, I was give the opportunity to walk the stage AND meet our founder and CEO, Cindy Monroe. It was such an honor!

I had THE best time at conference and I left feeling energized and ready to put everything I had learned back into my business. I was also VERY ready to get back to my babies. As soon as I got there, the cuddling commenced!
I can't wait for National Conference 2016 in Salt Lake City!!! 

Emerson's Tea Party Birthday


For Emerson's 4th birthday, she decided she wanted to have a princess tea party.  I was more than happy to oblige. I mean, isn't this the moment girl moms dream of?

We decided to keep it super small and simple and only invited 4 of her little friends and their siblings.  We took a day together to shop for all of the supplies and decorations and then we stopped for lunch at her favorite spot, Olive Garden!

We bought all of the decorations and serving pieces at the Dollar Tree and the tea set is from Ross.  We also got a few little princess crafts at Hobby Lobby. I let Emerson choose the menu.  She chose cupcakes, pink goldfish, and fruit and insisted that we make her cupcakes.

And taste them BEFORE the party. 

Adelyn's fabric chandelier became the perfect tea party chandelier! :)

Once the table was set, our little princess put her tiara on and waited anxiously for her friends to arrive.

Once they did, the fun began! With Jesse being deployed I really wanted to make Emerson's birthday extra special and to our awesome friends, it truly was!

My sweet girl is getting so big!!! Happy 4th Birthday, Emerson Olivia!

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