Adelyn Elise: Two Weeks


Well that was definitely the fastest two weeks of my life! Time has flown by since Emerson was born but I think it's going in double time now that Adelyn is here! Sometimes I wish it would slow down just a little bit!

Anyway, here's what our girl has been up to this week:

Weight: 6 lbs 1 oz (Back up to birth weight!!)
Length: 19.5 inches

-The doctor was pleased with her weight gain and now wants her to gain about an ounce a day until her one month appointment. We are doing our best to fatten her up! 

-Nursing is getting better every day but it is still quite the struggle. It's probably my biggest source of stress right now so if you have a moment to say a little prayer for us, I'd appreciate it! Emerson got it right at the two week mark so I'm hoping Adelyn will soon. In the meantime I'm still pumping and she is getting a bottle about every 2-3 hours. She usually has between 1.5-2.5 ounces. 

-She is an amazing sleeper. She has quite a bit of wake time during the day but she has been sleeping through the night since last week. She usually goes to bed between 10:00 and 10:30 and I have to wake her up between 5:30 and 6:00 to eat. 

-She has a little fussy time during the evenings and likes to be held. It seems especially prominent during dinner time. I usually put her in the Boba or Jesse and I take turns holding her.

-She has been out and about quite a bit during her second week. She went to church for the first time and slept in the Boba the whole time. We've also been grocery shopping and to an indoor play place. I have been wearing her in the Boba everywhere we go and she still loves it. It's a lifesaver!

-We had her newborn photo session last Friday. She is usually so sleepy during the mornings but she was wide awake during the session. We did everything we could to get her to sleep and we were able to get some awesome shots. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

-She's such a cuddly baby and seems happiest when she is being held or laying on our chests. I don't mind a bit. You will find me holding her every chance I get.

-She's still very calm and laid back. She seems pretty oblivious to the noise around her and will sleep through pretty much anything. That's a good thing because big sister can still do her thing!

-We already love her so very much. She's just the sweetest little thing and the perfect addition to our family. We are so excited to watch her grow!

And just for fun, here is a comparison picture of Emerson and Adelyn. A reminds of E so very much at this point so we are interested to see if she will continue to favor her as she gets older!
We sure are blessed to have these two precious girls! 

A Picture an Hour


Monday was my first day alone with my TWO sweet kiddos! I knew I wanted to document it and what better way than taking a picture every hour on the hour and linking up here.

5:00 AM:
Unfortunately I'm spending more time with this pump than I'd like to! The good news is that my freezer stash is already pretty awesome!

6:00 AM:
By this time Adelyn is fed and Emerson is still sound asleep so I spend some time on the computer. I catch up on some blog posts and do some other random stuff.

7:00 AM:
Little miss is hungry again so it's time for a bottle of pumped milk.

8:00 AM:
Emerson is up and dressed for the day. She heads straight over the swing to check on baby sister.

9:00 AM:
We have a little bit of TV time.  I snuggle baby girl while my big girl lounges on the floor.

10:00 AM:
The girls are dressed and ready to go. While I get ready they watch Frozen songs on You Tube.

11:00 AM:
We successfully made it to the grocery store but just barely! Adelyn peed all over the place while I was changing her diaper and Emerson barely made it to the potty so both of them needed clothing changes (just undies for E, thank goodness!) I'm probably crazy for attempting grocery shopping on my first day alone but it went surprisingly well. Adelyn slept in the Boba the whole time and E was on her best behavior.

12:00 PM:
Time for my least favorite part of grocery shopping! I loathe carrying everything up the stairs and unloading it.

 1:00 PM:
We're all fed and it's nap time for E. I get her tucked in with her doggy and she's ready to rest.

2:00 PM:
After throwing in a load of laundry and tidying up, I sit down to snuggle Adelyn and catch up on blogs.

3:00 PM:
 More cuddle time! I just can't put her down!

4:00 PM:
Emerson, Adelyn and I go on a walk. I'm still not cleared to exercise so I've been easing back into it by walking each day. The weather was gorgeous and the view can't be beat.

5:00 PM:
Jesse made it home so we all head to the playground. There are a bunch of bigger kids there and Emerson spends a lot of the time just watching them.

6:00 PM:
Someone is a bit fussy so I hold her while also trying to get dinner together. Luckily one of my MOPS friends brought us dinner on Sunday night and there was enough for leftovers. All I have to do is heat everything up! Yay for easy dinners!

7:00 PM:
I head upstairs to take a shower and Jesse gets Emerson started on her bath. I used to always take showers in the morning but I've learned that getting them done at night makes getting ready in the morning so much easier!

8:00 PM:
Our big girl is freshly bathed and ready for bed. We bring Adelyn for some big sister cuddles before reading books and tucking her in.

9:00 PM:
After another feeding and pumping session, little miss is ready for bed and so is momma! Jesse and I hang out for a little while before heading up to bed. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep the minute by head hit the pillow.

I was pretty excited that we survived the day without any major catastrophes. Adelyn definitely had her fussy moments and it took me longer to get ready for the day than I expected it to, but overall it was a really good day. I know we will have to work all the kinks out and figure out a schedule that works for all of us but for now we are just going with the flow!

These Beautiful Days


We've had some really warm days these last few weeks- I think it's even gotten up into the low 90's more than once. While most of our friends around the country are experiencing freezing or even negative temperatures, we're spending as much time as we can outdoors.  

The day after we brought Adelyn home, Emerson begged to go swimming. You know you live in Southern California when it's warm enough to get the kiddie pool out in January. As you can see, she had an absolute blast.

 Notice her choice of toys? A coffee can, ice cube tray, and the hospital spray bottle. Who needs toys?

We've also spent quite a bit of time at the park. As I've mentioned before, we are so lucky to have at least 7 playgrounds within walking distance. Over the last few days we've made our rounds to at least three of them.

We've also been going on daily walks. E is happy to go along for the ride as long as we make a stop at the playground on the way back. I think all of the outside time has done all of us good. Luckily Adelyn loves being in the Boba wrap and she pretty much sleeps the whole time.

I'm so thankful to live in a city with such beautiful weather. Any place that allows me to wear flip flops year round is definitely a place I don't mind calling home! As you can plainly see, Emerson is not complaining either!
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