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It's Friday! Finally! This has seriously been the longest.week.EVER!!! Unfortunately I don't really have many pictures to document our week, but I do have lots of randoms to share.

-First things first, Jesse is STILL not home!! He is back in the United States but he is on the wrong coast! He's been waiting there since Tuesday evening. We are hoping he will be here tomorrow, finally! We are not sure when he will go into surgery but we are hoping it will be pretty soon after he arrives. He's been sitting there with these broken bones for 9 days now!

-My mom is flying in today to help with Emerson so that I can be with Jesse during surgery and recovery. I am SO thankful for that and I'm looking forward to the company, too. Of course Emerson is just thrilled that her Mimi is coming.

-Emerson has decided her new wake up time is around 6:00 AM every day. I'm usually awake by this time but I'm definitely NOT ready to get up. I wish there was some way I could bribe her to sleep until 8:00. ;)

-I'm participating in my very first Online Bible Study with Proverbs31. We're doing What Happens When Women Say Yes to God and I am loving it so far! I've been wanting to do a Bible Study but I haven't found one nearby that fit in with our schedule so this is perfect. If you're interested in joining, it's not too late!

-We've been doing lots of art projects to stay busy! Emerson loves to paint, color, and glue and I've found that it will usually keep her entertained for at least 15 minutes!

Can I just say how much we love our little table from Ikea? We use it daily for everything from meals to coloring. It was so worth the 50 bucks that it cost! I can just imagine my TWO little girls sitting there in the next couple of years! :)

Happy Friday everyone! I don't know how much I'll be around over the next week. I'm thinking I'll have lots of down time while waiting around the hospital but I'm not sure if they will have wifi. I guess we will wait and see!

April said...

Glaf to hear your mom is coming to give you some help. Take care of yourself too!

Natalie said...

oh I'm so glad Jesse will be there soon! and yay for moms coming to help- so glad for all of you to have the help!
isn't it so fun to think about both of your girls doing things together?! my heart has pretty much been mush since Colbie was born... seeing them together is the most amazing thing! they just got into a new phase the last few weeks where they make each other laugh now and are starting to actually play together and sometimes I could just cry watching them! So excited for you to experience it!!

Michelle said...

When I was a nanny and the 4 year old would be getting antsy, I'd send her outside to gather "interesting things", and then give her a bottle of glue and some paper and let her go at it. Pretty sure non of her projects ever dried. Oh well...what even keeps 'em happy (and me sane!)

Rachel and John said...

Thank goodness for parents! I wish mine lived closer so they could help out more.

How did E get that beautiful beautiful blonde hair? I'm jealous!

Lyndsey said...

Hooray for your mom coming! Mom's always make everything better :)

Isn't it sad how 15 minutes sounds like SUCH a long time to a mom of a toddler! Back in the day I would have thought that sounded crazy - now I'm thinking I need to steal your idea!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

If Jesse is in dc and needs anything, please let us know! We are super close to Walter Reid!

Hollie said...

Oh I'm so glad your hubs is almost home! I cannot imagine waiting this long! Emerson looks so cute painting, and her video is so sweet. Ella loves Tink too! Hoping your weekend is great and that you finally get Jesse home.

Mandy said...

Praying for no more delays in Jesse coming home! I know I've said this a million times before, but I wish we lived closer so that I could do something to help you guys! :( Hugs girl!

Mandy said...

By the way- I may need to check out this online bible study?! Sounds interesting!

ajs {of MN} said...

ah TWO little girls! :D

~Dawn~ said...

So happy your Mom is there to help you so that you can be with Jesse :)

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