Baby #2: 11 Weeks


I'm 12 weeks as of yesterday but I started doing bump pictures last week, so I wanted to go ahead and post this. Tomorrow will be my 12 week post and then I will be all caught up!

This pregnancy is definitely flying by! I'm honestly in shock that I am almost out of the first trimester. I feel like I'll be holding this sweet baby in my arms in no time!

How Far Along: 11 Weeks

Size of baby: Around 1.5 inches long

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +3 (Thanks so to all of the meals out over the last few weeks! I haven't been eating as healthy as I normally do because nothing really sounded good, but I'm planning on changing that over the next week.) I also hope to step up my workouts just a bit. I've mostly been walking and doing weights twice a week but I'm hoping to start feeling better soon and to get back into the some of the classes at the gym.

My bump grows bigger throughout the day so I know it's mostly bloat right now. I'd say I'm definitely bigger this time around than I was with Emerson. I don't think a stranger would look at me and be able to tell I was pregnant but anyone who knows me would definitely notice. There is no hiding the bump anymore, especially towards the end of the day.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but most of my pants are too tight. I tried on my favorite pair of maternity jeans from E's pregnancy. They have a stretchy waistband and I started wearing them around 11 weeks with her. Unfortunately they are way too big! :( This is my least favorite stage because it's really hard to find something to wear and right now I just feel chubby! I've been sticking with lots of dresses and skirts.

Gender: We don't know yet but I can't wait to find out. My doctor will do the anatomy scan between 18-20 weeks but I'm thinking about having an elective scan sometime between 14-16 weeks. It's crazy to know that we could possibly know what these sweet baby is in just a few weeks.

Movement: Not yet!

Symptoms: I have been pretty much as sick as a dog since about 6 weeks and this week was no exception. At 7 weeks I was given a medication to help with nausea and throwing up. It helped quite a bit at first but I feel like it's not working quite as well anymore. If I'm not throwing up, I pretty much feel like I'm going to 24/7. It has been pretty rough and I am just praying that this stage is over with soon.

Sleep: Good! I think I'm finally past the extreme fatigue so I haven't had to nap in the last week or so. But I have been going to bed super early. The nausea and throwing up seems to be worse at night so most nights I just can't wait to go to bed so I can sleep it off.

What I miss: Feeling good. Even though I had all day sickness with E, I think it's been a lot harder this time around. Luckily Jesse has been amazing and really stepped up on the days that I felt the worst. I'm so thankful for him! Now I'm just looking forward to the fun part of the pregnancy where I feel good and have a cute little belly!

Cravings: Ice water, carbs

Best Moment This Week: I love hearing the heartbeat on the doppler so that's been fun. Also, Emerson has taken a big interest in the baby this week. She keeps lifting up my shirt to kiss the baby and she has even tried to share her toys a few times.  During her nightly prayer she has also been saying thank you for the baby.  Melt my heart!! I know she is going to be such a great big sister!

Shopping: None yet but you better believe I've been looking!! :)

J and A said...

You look great. Love the outfit. I agree that was the awkward stage where you had a little bump and couldn't hide it but were too small for mat stuff. I am so excited you are almost in the 2nd trimester! YAY!

Laurin said...

You are so cute! I had terrible nausea with my second too. I took Zofran during the day and the Phenergan at night to help me sleep. We found out about 13 weeks with both girls and I LOVED knowing a few weeks earlier. YAY for Baby #2!

~Dawn~ said...

You're adorable. But, I totally know that awkward stage of looking bloated or pregnant.

Hooray for almost making it through the first trimester :) I hope the second one is better for you!

Natalie said...

Oh girl! The nausea is just so hard... and even harder when you are chasing a toddler around all day. But the good news is that it goes by even faster than the first pregnancy! Can't wait to see your cute little belly grow :)

ajs {of MN} said...

You're just adoradle as ever! Hoping you feel better soon and get that 2nd tri energy back!

Allison said...

We did an early gender scan with D and I was SO glad we did. It was so fun knowing so early. :) I hope you start feeling better because that's truly the absolute worst! That "in-between" stage was my least favorite. I wanted to wear maternity clothes because I felt like I could breathe, but they were still too big...:S

Sarah said...

Looking adorable! Hopefully you will start feeling better soon!

Kelli Kegley said...

You are so cute!! I hope you start feeling better soon. 14 weeks was always the magic week for me. Everyone always said 12, which always made me so mad those last two weeks when I was still experiencing it! Can't wait to hear what y'all are having!!!

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

Hey! Andrea over at Keeping up with the Sonnek's pointed me to your blog and I'm so glad she did! I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant (due 1.19.2014) with my second. I also have a 2 year old (born 3.26.2011). I'm so excited to follow along! Glad you are starting to feel better!

April said...

You look so cute! I hope you get over your sickness soon! That is no fun! I know my second pregnancy has flown by for me. Just a lot busier than the first time around.

Joeylee said...

Loving your outfit and you look great. I cant wait to hear what your having! So exciting

Catie said...

We haven't announced it yet, but I'm due about January 21 with our third! I still haven't got to hear the heartbeat yet and so I'm really looking forward to my next appointment. I really miss not feeling good too especially chasing two little ones around. Congratulations!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling sick! Being pregnant with a toddler is hard enough, I can't imagine being sick too. Hope you feel better soon!

the workaholic momma said...

Your bump is adorable!!!! I hope you start feeling better soon...being sick is miserable:( We went at 16 weeks with Kate to find out...I just couldn't wait and I'd totally do it again if we have another!!!

Mandy said...

You are as adorable as ever!! Tiny little bump and can't wait to see it grow!! Eme is going to be the best big sister and is going to adore that baby!! Your love will grow even more for her watching her interact with the baby once he/she is here! I'm thinking this one is another sweet girl!!

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