Zoo Day


Yesterday Emerson and I paid our second visit to the amazing San Diego zoo. This time we went sans stroller and it was a completely different experience. We were able to take a lot of the paths that wind throughout the zoo. They are hidden amongst greenery and trees and we found more than one waterfall along the way. 

Since I didn't take the stroller, I had to pack light (I actually carried E's little toddler backpack) so I didn't bring my big camera. All of the pictures are from my phone. It's just so much easier and quicker.
Since E has not stopped talking about the porcupine after our last visit, that was our first stop. Luckily he was up and moving around so she actually got to see it with it's quills out. She was in heaven! Later in the day we went to the other porcupine in the children's area. He was in the exact same position he was the last time we came. I kind of wondered he was even alive but he did actually move. Emerson didn't mind too much that he was sleeping!
One of our favorite exhibits was the polar bears. They had some life-size statues and an ice cave for the kids to crawl through.

I think Emerson loved the Skyfari (gondola) the most. We rode it twice and I think she would have stayed on it all day!

 A lot of the day was spent playing with the animal statues. They have them scattered all throughout the zoo and we had to stop and examine each one.

 Our last stop was the petting zoo. I'm sure those poor goats get so tired of little stick hands rubbing all over them, but Emerson sure loved it.

This little guy even got a kiss!

 I still can't believe that we have this amazing zoo right in our own back yard. After two visits we still haven't seen every exhibit. I'm already looking forward to going back!

Gabriella said...

I love the SD Zoo! So incredible. Emerson is the cutest! She has the most adorable little smile!

Emily Powell said...

Love this! My mom is buying us a membership to the Houston zoo and I'm so excited! From behind G and E could be twins!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you might need to look into getting a membership!

Paula Lynch said...

Looks like you had so much fun. I can't wait to see the sights. Most of all I can't wait to see you all.

Joeylee said...

I love the zoo, the closest one to us is 45 minutes away. The girls love the zoo too. So much fun

Mandy said...

Oh.my.goodness. Cutest video ever!!!!!! I think Aunt Mandy needs to find her a porcupine that she can actually hold!!! lol :) I want to come out there and see you guys and get the kids together SO badly!!!!! So glad you have a membership so you can go whenever you want!!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Cutest photo of the bunch: Emerson kissing the goat! That is so precious! Glad you guys had such a great time. :)

ajs {of MN} said...

fun! we are hoping to get to the MN zoo next weekend!

Megan said...

The San Diego Zoo is the best! So nice that it's so close!

Stevie said...

Love it! I love zoos! I can't wait to start going back to our zoos this spring/summer after the hubby leaves (we are down to 1 car so he takes it to work). There's also a drive through zoo we love going to up by some cousins of mine. So awesome! Last time we were there, we saw a just born llama!

Love her little outfit too! I love anchors!

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