The Day the Wifi Went Dark


For the last few weeks Jesse and I have been meaning to stop by the office of our internet provider to let them know that we will be moving. I had planned on holding off until the very last day but Jesse thought it would be better to do it ahead of time in case they had some kind of crazy process to go through.

So yesterday on his lunch break he stopped by there and to find out what we needed to do. He told them we only needed for another week and gave them our cancelation date. Of course, they said that they absolutely could not shut if off in a week and that we had to give them a 30 day notice and pay for the next month. Jesse knew it wasn't worth arguing over so he paid for the month and set our cancelation date as February 28th. Besides having to wait in line forever he was pretty happy with the experience because it was relatively painless.

On his way back to the office he called me to let me know that he had taken care of it. We were both so relieved to have that last little item checked off. This was during E's nap time and I was happily surfing the internet, as usual. A few minutes later it suddenly stopped working. I hoped that it was just a coincidence but I had a feeling that our internet was gone for good. I spent the next few hours doing other things and kind of forgot about it.

Later on the evening I needed to look something up and realized that the internet still wasn't working. I decided to give them a call and find out what was going on. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. I was told that our service had been disconnected, just as we had requested earlier in the day. I tried to tell the guy that we were supposed to have service until the end of February and that we had actually paid for that service but it was completely futile. He told us we would have to go back to the office and sort it out with them.

We knew we didn't want to go without internet for the week because we pretty much have nothing else to do so Jesse headed back up there. And guess what? They also said that a mistake had been made and that there was really nothing they could do. We were told that we could fill out a new application to open a new account and that they would come in 5 working days to turn it on. Helpful, huh? So Jesse told the guy we wanted a refund for the month we had paid for and he was told the only way to do that is to go to the main office and fill out a request for the refund. He didn't bother to ask how many working days that would take.

So, as of yesterday we are officially internet-less. I know it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but man I was annoyed! Luckily we have some awesome neighbors who allow us to use theirs. I've been able to sneak over and connect a few random times but it's obviously a little more difficult.

So if you don't hear from me for the next week or so, don't worry! All is well and we'll be on our way home before we know it!

Emily Powell said...

I would be so mad! Especially since you paid for it! How annoying :(

April said...

Wow! That is ridiculously bad customer service. You will be so glad to be back in America where MOST businesses appreciate their customers. I would consider that stealing!

~Dawn~ said...

How frustrating that there is such a huge process for something so simple. Uurrghh!!

Rachel and John said...

I would be so angry, especially after they made you pay. But soon you'll be back in lovely North America!!

ajs {of MN} said...

i cant wait to hear from you guys once you are all moved! safe travels!

Mandy said...

You do realize that this is just one last little thing to make you realize how awesome it's going to be once you're back in the US!!! ;). Can't wait for you guys to land safely!! Please call or email me when you get here sweet friend and have safe travels!! We love you guys!!

Rebekah said...

What a pain!! Thank goodness for friends and heading back to the US soon!

Tammy said...

Oh guys are troopers! Hang in there, you're almost back on US Soil ; ) Safe & happy travels to you!

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