Dinners, Dresses, Dates, and Friends


I mentioned in an earlier post that we met some pretty awesome people on our trip to Goa. I loved all of the girls but I instantly clicked with one other wife in particular. She had her two kiddos with her so we spent most of the week hanging out. Her daughter is 15 and LOVES kids so she and Emerson also hit it off right away. Everywhere we went she was right there playing with Emerson and helping out. It was awesome! 
So when the opportunity arose, I felt confident leaving Emerson in her care for a few hours while we went out one evening. It was so nice to know that Emerson was being well cared for and Jesse and I had a blast hanging out. Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Another night we had a dinner for all of the conference attendees. I wear jeans about 99 percent of the time so I was pretty excited to get an opportunity to dress up. Of course my favorite picture of the three of us is blurry:
This one's not blurry but it looks like Emerson is chewing her fingers off. How does anyone get a decent family shot? Do tell! :)

I promise I got some cute group shots but I didn't ask anyone's permission to post them on the blog so for now you just to get to see a million picture of Jesse, E, and me. :)

The food was amazing, but of course I only took one picture! This was a goat cheese and cucumber salad with beetroot dressing. It was so good but the best part was the main course: Indian food! It was probably the best naan I have ever had. I'm practically drooling just thinking about it.
So now I have to explain this cheesy shot of me and the beads. On our first night there we had an icebreaker in one of the lounges. It was family friendly so we brought Emerson along. All night long she kept trying to play in these beaded curtains and all night long we managed to get her out of them. Just as we were getting ready to head back to our room for the night she managed to get back in the curtains. I got her out and started to walk away when the inevitable happened. One of the strings broke and beads fell everywhere. This wouldn't so bad except that there were tile floors and it sounded like a bead bomb went off. All conversations immediately stopped and everyone looked over to see what happened. It was so quiet that you could hear a bead pin drop. It was one of those moments where I wished I could just disappear. Talk about embarrassing! But after a few days I was able to look back and laugh so I just had to have a picture with the beaded curtains. Notice that Emerson is NOWHERE near them! 
On our last night there we decided to do a low key dinner with our friends. Even though it wasn't anything fancy I knew it was my last chance to wear a dress and I wanted to wear my new necklace that I picked up at the market.
And Emerson wanted to dress up a little bit as well. I told her that she looks fabulous in anything but she insisted on purple because she thought it would really help her stand out in her golf cart. :)

We had such a fun time every night we were there, even on the nights that we just had a simple dinner with friends. 

A is for Apple


A few weeks ago I jumped on the sensory box bandwagon and made Emerson her very first sensory box. I decided to do it on the spur of the moment so I had to make it with materials I had on hand (plus a few items from the Japanese dollar store.) We don't have any kind of craft stores here so it can be hard to find cute little craft items when you need them!
I decided to go with a red/A/apple theme since I had several things that I could use. The box included: shredded tissue paper, red ribbon, the letter A in a few sizes, felt circles, pom poms of all sizes, felt apples, and red paper cutout shapes (hearts, squares, etc.)
I definitely don't think my box gets the award for prettiest or most creative but I will say that Emerson was a big fan and that was my goal. (I also hoped that she would focus on it for more than 3.2 seconds. Ha!)

Her absolute favorite item in the box was the red pom pom balls. She played with those more than anything else.

I found this cute little red tray at the dollar store and thought it would be perfect for sorting. She loved putting the balls and apples on it.

When it was all said and done, our sweet girl was ready for a snack! I guess sensory overload can make you pretty hungry. 
After seeing how much Emerson loved the box, I had grand plans to make another right away. But you know how grand plans go. We are currently still using the A is for Apple box and she seems to still be enjoying it. That being said, I'm compiling a supply list for some of the boxes I want to make in the future. There are so many cute ideas out there (thank you Pinterest!) so I'm determined to do at least one new box a month. Up next: Fall! I'm super excited about it (probably even more so than the little one it's intended for.)

Let's Go to Goa


When we first found out that Jesse would have to travel to India for a conference we immediately started planning to make it a family vacation. It's only a short flight away and we figured it would be a once in a lifetime experience for all of us! 

As it got closer to the conference date I started doing a little bit more research about our actual destination: Goa, India. I have to admit that I had never even heard of it before, despite the fact that it is a pretty popular tourist destination. Since we were traveling during their monsoon season, I worried that we would be stuck inside the whole time because of torrential rain. It turns out that we couldn't have gone at a better time. The weather turned out to be absolutely gorgeous with very little rain and we pretty much had the place to ourselves since tourist season hasn't started. 

Jesse had to work long days during most of our trip but we still managed to do some fun things and Emerson and I stayed busy during the day. The resort was amazing and it felt so good to see so much greenery surrounding us! It's such a change from where we live now, And even though it was hot, it was not unbearable so we were able to spend a lot of time outside. We also went to the pool every single day. Their kiddie pool was the perfect depth for Emerson and she spent hours walking all around. (More pics of E in the pool to come later this week! I couldn't swim with her and take pics at the same time! Ha! :)

I honestly think it was one of the best resorts we have ever been to! The people were so friendly and helpful and I loved our room. We had stairs leading from our patio right out into the lawn that overlooks the bay.
Emerson loved all of the room to roam- especially the grass and the brick pathways.

I was a little bit worried about how Emerson would do in a hotel room for such a long time, but she settled right in! She slept great all week and even napped well! When I'm at home I feel like I need to be doing something while she nap, but since I had to keep the room dark and quiet, I was able to use the time to relax a little bit myself. I read a bit and even napped a few times! That's practically unheard of for me so it was really refreshing! During some of Jesse's time off we hung out and watched movies. I was honestly surprised that E didn't go crazy in such a small space but she did great!
We didn't go down to the beach because they say it's quite polluted during monsoon season but we did enjoy the sound of the waves from our room. It really was the perfect setting! 

Since it was a conference, several of the guys that do the same job as Jesse brought their wives. It was so awesome to meet other women who are living a similar experience and I made some wonderful new friends. (More on this in future posts.)

I only left the resort a few times during our 8 day stay. The main reason being that it's such a pain to lug the carseat and stroller around everywhere and I saved our outings for the days that Jesse could go with us. While traveling through the streets of India, I was immediately reminded of our time in Africa. I honestly felt like I was back in Burundi! Despite being one of the richest areas of India and quite developed, it is still much different than what most of us are used to. There were farm animals and stray dogs roaming the streets, as well as piles of trash everywhere that you looked. It's pretty amazing how different it is from inside the walls of the resort. 

Overall I have to say that I am so glad that we decided to tag along with Jesse for this little adventure! I am fairly certain that we will never get the opportunity to travel to India again, so it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. Check back over the next few days because I will be sharing some of the highlights of our trip, and, of course, tons more pictures!

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