It's the Little Things


Do you ever feel like you get caught up in the worries of life? I know I do. Sometimes I let the what-ifs consume me and I forget about all the little things in life that make me so happy.


So this post is just a list of those things. A reminder of some of the simple things that have made life a little sweeter recently:

-A sweet kiss from my munchkin first thing in the morning

-An email just to say I love you

-Taking tons of pictures
-A sugar free birthday cake sno cone.

-Chubby baby legs
-Late night chats with my best friend

-Talking about old times with said best friend

-Hearing my baby girl try to say I love you.

-Finding the perfect pair of shorts

-Watching my baby and my best friend's baby become BFFs. So stinking cute!

-Pretty new makeup

-Catching up with people I've missed since we've been gone

-Summer nights in the backyard

-Ice cold Corona

-Sweet blog friends

-A pair of jeans that fit just right

-Time with family

-Reminiscing on the last year and the amazing changes it brought

What are some of the simple things that you make you happy?

Thursday Tidbits



1. I love having my bestie and her sweet girl here. Emerson and Ann Elise are having a blast and they are just too cute together.

2. Have you tried Skinnygirl Margaritas? If not, you should get some ASAP. Delicious, I tell you!
3. I am in love with the baby book I ordered for Emerson. I know- kinda silly to order a baby book after your baby's first birthday. I had originally planned on doing a photo book for her baby book but then I saw this one at the bookstore and I just knew I had to have it. It's designed by the same designer that designed all of the fabric in Emerson's nursery (Dena Designs) and the cover is made with one of those fabrics so I just knew I had to have it. Now I just have to go back and fill it all out. Good thing I have blogged all of her milestones! :)

4. I got THE cutest necklace from Charlotte Russe for 5 bucks! Yes, 5 bucks. I love good deals on cute, cute stuff! I couldn't find a picture on their website so this silly picture will have to do.
5. Is anyone else as obsessed with stationery and pens as I am? My big splurge at Target yesterday was some new Sharpie pens. Now my endless lists will look a little bit prettier.

6. July is going to be a busy month of traveling and I am so looking forward to it. I'm especially excited to see my sweet nieces again. Emerson just loves them.

7. We're planning on taking the girls to the spray ground today. Hopefully they will have a good time and we won't melt! 

Emerson- 13 Months


Emerson turned 13 months just over a week ago. I originally thought I wouldn't keep doing her monthly updates after her birthday, but I've decided to do it because I know I will want to look back on it someday. (So this is really more for me than anyone else!) :)
So, this is what E is up to at 13 months:

Sizes: 21.2 pounds, 12-18 months clothes, 3 shoes, 4 diapers

Teeth: She still has 8 teeth and has been teething for at least 2 months now with no new teeth in sight.

Words: Mama, Daddy, Bubba, Gracie, Mimi, Pa, Gigi, ball, blue, bird,  puffs, bye bye, baby, dog

Signs: milk, more, please, thank you, eat, cracker, cheese, cereal, cookie, apple, banana, dog, cat, giraffe, elephant, pig, monkey, camel, horse, frog,fish, baby, spider, turtle, squirrel, butterfly, tree, time, water, Momma, Daddy, duck, potty, sleep, pretty, bug, cold, hot, socks, shoes, ball, star, bath, bubbles, soap, wash hands, car

Animal Sounds: lion, cat, pig, cow, frog, horse, cow, monkey, chicken, snake

Body Parts: Head, hair, teeth, ear, toes, belly button, hands

Music, Elmo, babies, dancing, riding her tricycle, going bye-bye, blowing kisses, swimming, taking a bath, drinking water, the dogs, playing outside, picking up pinecones, blowing bubbles in the bathtub and trying to swim in the bathtub

Doesn't Love:
getting her face wiped, strangers, being in the car/stroller/highchair for too long

Favorite Books: Dear Zoo, Baby Colors

Favorite Toys: her babydoll, Smart Trike, shape sorter, drum

Highlights this Month: Second international trip, first birthday party, lots of time with Mimi and Pa, Gigi, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Chris and all 5 cousins

 Emerson, how old are you?
My oh my is this age fun! Emerson goes a mile a minute, loves to talk, gives hugs and kisses, and learns new words and signs every day. It's so much fun and I wish I could bottle her up at this age. It's just THE BEST and we are loving every second of it!

Random ABC's

Hey everyone! My friend Mandy made it into town earlier today. She and I, along with the two little girls, have been hanging out and having a blast.
 Since I don't have tons of time to post tonight, I thought I'd share these fun little ABC's about me.

A is for age: 30
B is for breakfast today: Granola Bar
C is for currently craving: Chocolate
D is for dinner tonight: Spaghetti
E is for favorite type of exercise: Videos (Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme at the moment)
F is for an irrational fear: Getting stuck in an elevator
G is for gross food: Mayonnaise and bologna
H is for hometown: West Texas
I is for something important: Family. Of course.
J is for current favorite jam: Somebody That I Used to Know
K is for kids: One- sweet little Emerson
L is for current location: The Middle East (but home for the Summer in good ol' Texas)
M is for the most recent way you spent money: Groceries at Wally World
N is for something you need: a new iPhone (ok so that's more of a want than a need)
O is for occupation: Stay at home momma
P is for pet peeve: people not putting their babies in carseats or buckling up their kids (sadly it is VERY common in the city we currently live in!)
Q is for a quote: Comparison is the thief of joy.  Theodore Roosevelt
R is for random fact about you: I used to ride a Harley.
S is for favorite healthy snack: Apples, almonds, Green Monster
T is for favorite treat: Caramel Frappucino
U is for something that makes you unique: hmmm... can't think of anything. I guess I'm boring.

V is for favorite vegetable: broccoli

W is for today’s workout: none (unless you count chasing around my very busy thirteen month old)
X is for X-rays you’ve had: Chest for bronchitis and dental
Y is for yesterday’s highlight: A nice, long FaceTime chat with my love
Z is for your time zone: Central

A Little Perspective


I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it was a great reminder of just how blessed most of us really are. I think sometimes we just need things put into perspective:

He's Calling Me


Lately, I really feel like God is calling out to me. I feel like He's asking me to come a little closer. To surrender and give him my all. Yes, I am a Christian and I have accepted Jesus into my heart. I have been baptized and I believe that Jesus is my savior.

But the truth is, I haven't really been living for Him. I guess I've been more of a fan, if you will, and less of a follower. I've been a mediocre believer, at best, and I definitely haven't put Him first.

Over the last few years there have been many times that I felt that God was speaking directly to me and yet I still kept Him at an arms distance.

A few days before I found out I was pregnant, I was anxious and worried- thinking that I would never have a baby of my own. Then one morning, in what I thought was a dream, I heard God talking to me. He told me not to worry and to cast my fears aside because I was already pregnant. At the time it felt a little surreal but then a few days later I got that positive test.

It was then that I vowed to work on my relationship with God.

Throughout my whole pregnancy I felt a calling to read the Bible but I didn't really put as much effort into it as I should have. I attended church a few times, but I still didn't become the Christian that I knew God wanted me to be.

And then our sweet girl was born and I thanked Him again and again for this precious miracle. I had no doubt that He knew her name long before she was conceived and His hand had been on me and my pregnancy from the beginning.

Sadly, that still wasn't enough to bring me to my knees. Yes, I have been faithful in my prayers over the last year and I have thanked Him every single day for my blessings and prayed consistently for those on my prayer list but that has been about the farthest I have gone.

Despite what He has given me, I still haven't surrendered. I've always had an excuse or allowed something to hold me back. I've even been a little scared. And to be honest, I have been jealous of my friends and family that rejoice in their love for Jesus. I want that too!

However, over the last few weeks I have once again felt this urging to read the Bible. To learn more about Him. To become a better Christian and a better person. To share the message of His love and His sacrifice.

I have felt a calling to change.

One week ago, I started reading The Bible again in the hopes to finish the whole thing in the next 6 months. I was reading it on my computer or iPad but today I decided to go out and buy a new Bible. (I do have a King James Version that I got when I was baptized but I didn't bring it on this trip with me.) I spent about two hours at the Christian bookstore before finally settling on one. While I was there, I also picked up a few devotionals and some Christian fiction books that were on clearance, as well as a prayer journal. I left the store with a happy heart and the excitement of a kid leaving the candy store with a bag full of sugary treats.

On my way home, Emerson fell asleep in the car and as I looked at her in the rearview mirror I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace. You know what I mean. That feeling in the pit of your stomach. The one that gives you chills and makes you want to cry. And it was at that moment that I just knew that I didn't end up at that bookstore today by chance.

And then, as I approached the car just in front of me, I noticed that it had a bumper sticker in the back window. It read, "Wise men still seek Him."

Coincidence? Nope. With God, there are no such things as coincidences. It was just one more sign that He's calling me and this time I think I'm finally ready to answer.

Friday Update


It's Friday night. The babe is asleep and I'm finally sitting down! I am not exaggerating when I say that she has been on the move non-stop for the last few weeks. She has more energy than she knows what to do with. I'm usually one step behind her, trying to make sure she's not getting into anything she's not supposed to. At home I can kind of keep her contained in one area but that's not the case at Mimi's house. Trust me when I say that she is loving every second of it!
And oh my is she growing! Her blonde hair is getting so thick and long and she's pretty much completely lost that baby look. It's just amazing watching her change and grow.
 Have I mentioned just how much I love this baby girl? I just can't get enough of her and her sweet personality. She keeps me smiling and laughing all day long.
Anyway, I guess I'll stop gushing for now and tell you a little bit about what we've been up to.

Right now I'm catching up on blogs and watching Army Wives. I started with Season 1 when I was home last year and I made it halfway through Season 2. I never got to finish so I decided to pick back up. Y'all, it is SO good! I really hope I get to catch all the way up before I head back later this summer.

Earlier this week Emerson and I headed to Kohls and the mall to do some shopping. It was the first time in a long time that I didn't buy anything for E and actually bought some clothes for myself. We were gone most of the day and Emerson was an absolute doll. She usually starts melting down after about two hours of shopping but she seemed to be happy to get out of the house and she actually napped in her stroller at the mall. It was just a great day and I'm so excited about some of the cute clothes I got!
It was also her first time riding in the little rides at the mall. Oh. my.goodness. did that sweet girl have fun! Just watching her grin from ear to ear was enough to make my heart melt.
Next week we have a very important visitor coming! My very dear friend Mandy and her darling Ann Elise are coming to stay with us for the week. Mandy was my very first friend when we moved to Jacksonville 10 (yes 10!!!) years ago. Believe it or not, we haven't seen each other in almost 7 years but we have remained the best of friends despite the time and distance. I am so, so excited to see her and her sweet girl. Trust me when I say there will be LOTS of pictures of E and AE together.
Other than that, things are pretty quiet around here. Jesse seems to be settling back into life at home and E and I are both missing him. Thank goodness for FaceTime! Emerson just loves to kiss the screen over  and over. Such a little Daddy's girl!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope y'all have a blessed weekend!

Day 6 of 100 Days of Blogging

The Best Laid Plans


Remember this post I wrote back in April about our plans/hopes for our future orders?

Since that post was written, we did a lot of talking and both agreed that North Carolina was the place we wanted to be when we finished our overseas tour. Even though a small part of me wanted to go somewhere new, I really felt good about going "home."

Once the decision was made and the wish list was submitted, I started pinning ideas for our house, browsing catalogues for new furniture/decor, and making plans for our transition back into the place that we used to call home. I had visions of our bonus room turned into a playroom, a cute playset in the backyard, and tons of other projects! I was already dreaming of trips to Lowes and Home Depot.

We were both just sure that we would get our wish and end up where we longed to be. But, of course, even the best laid plans aren't always meant to be.

Jesse returned from leave yesterday to find something that neither of us expected AT ALL.


Here's the kicker: they are for a much earlier time frame than we had originally anticipated AND they are not for North Carolina.

It looks like our little family of three is headed for beautiful and sunny California. Sooner rather than later.

Say what?!? Trust me- we are just as surprised as you are. In fact, I kind of feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure it's real.

And if I'm being completely honest, I'm more than a little bit freaked out and super excited all at the same time.

I'm freaked out because the cost of living is pretty high and the housing is definitely not cheap. So, instead of living in our new and spacious house in NC, we'll most likely be living in a tiny condo or apartment. My dreams of renos and DIY projects have pretty much gone out the window. It's also a bit daunting to be heading to a new city AGAIN. We don't know a single thing about the place so we will once again be starting over.

I'm excited because there are so many fun things to do there and also some serious shopping and amazing restaurants. Plus there are tons and tons of parks and outdoor activities which are perfect for our little munchkin. Not to mention all of the nearby tourist-y places to visit.  And the fact that we will be back in the good ol' USA sooner than we expected. Just a mere 5 hour flight from our hometown. How can I not be excited about that?

Because really, what's life without a little adventure?

And most importantly, we will be together. In the end, that's what makes a house a home. Everything else- all those little details...they will work themselves out and I'm quite sure that we will make a wonderful new life for ourselves just like we have each time we have moved.

Like anything else in the Marine Corps, this could very easily change between now and PCS time. It could even change more than once and we could quite possibly end up in North Carolina despite it all. Believe it or not, it happens ALL the time.

But until then I'll be researching our *possible* new home and making new plans. After all, isn't that what this military life is all about?

The Big Day


As I mentioned in my previous party post, we worked down to the last minute to get everything ready for the big day. But every bit of work was absolutely worth it because Emerson had the best time. It was so much fun celebrating one year with our darling girl! I promise these are the last of the party pictures... :)

Getting Ready:
 Chatting with Momma while waiting for the guests to arrive:
A few of the special guests:

(This was the first time we have had all 6 of the cousins together. Can you believe we have 6 girls? We will be in so much trouble when they are teenagers!)

Cake Time:
I thought she might be a little scared when we started singing "Happy Birthday" but she loved it!
I gave her a little taste of cake and that was all it took to get her to dig in!
Then her Daddy showed her how to lean in and take a bite...
It was all over after that!
 She loved her cake and I think she would have kept eating if I hadn't taken it away!

After cake, it was time to open presents. She helped open the first one, but pretty much lost interest after that because she just wanted to play with her new toys!
She got so many cute outfits, some neat books, and lots of new toys. She loved all of it!
After opening her presents, we brought out her big present from Momma and Daddy: a Smart Trike.
 She was so excited!!!

It is by far one of the best purchases we have made yet. She absolutely loves it and wants to go outside all day to ride!

The final event of the big day was the piñata. We lined all of the kiddos up and watched from the sidelines as they did their best to break it. Of course, we had to give our sweet girl a turn first.
The kids had a blast it hitting it but I think they were most excited when the candy fell out! I didn't mind if they started eating it right away because I knew most of them were going home soon after. Haha! :)

Of course,we couldn't end the party without one more family picture. Notice my crazy hair and how tired Jesse and Emerson look?  I think all that last minute running around finally caught up with us and we vowed to get started on her second birthday party ASAP... ;)
I really couldn't have asked for a better day for our baby girl. She was surrounded by so many people who love her and I was really honored that so many of our family members made the long drive to come celebrate with us. We are truly blessed!

Go here and here for more details about the party.
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