Wednesday Loves



I’m loving that Jesse will be out of Africa for good in less than 2 weeks and our little family will finally be together again!

Emerson Week 3 022

I’m loving that we finally got all of Miss E’s passport stuff taken care of. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a place to take an infant’s passport photos. When it was all said and done I think I could have done a better job myself, but at least we got it done.


I’m loving how sweet my baby girl is when she’s trying to wake up in the morning. She makes the cutest noises and stretches like a big girl. I never knew such big noises could come from someone so little! I know I’m biased but I have to say she’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

My sleepy girl

I’m loving this handsome boy. He’s been so good with the baby.

Emerson Week 5 021

I’m loving Army Wives.  I know, I know- I’m way behind the power curve. For some reason I never watched it but once again Netflix has saved the day and I have a new favorite! I’m still on Season 1 but I am definitely hooked.


I’m love, love, loving being a Mommy- every second of it. It really is the best job that I’ve ever had!

E Week 4 022

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Bullet List Tuesday


  • I know I’m still slacking on my blogging and commenting on other blogs. I have a short window of opportunity during each nap to get stuff done so internet time usually comes last. Winking smile


  • My sweet baby girl slept from 9:30 pm until 5:30 am last night! It was her first time to sleep through the night and it was heavenly!

emerson week 6 057

  • My Granny, Emerson’s Gigi, is here for a visit. Trust me when I say that Emerson is getting lots of attention! Smile Lots of pictures to come soon!


  • Have you read about Sawyer at Sawyer See’s Hope? Sawyer is a sweet baby boy who is legally blind due to an underdeveloped optic nerve. There is a treatment available but it is VERY expensive. Sawyer’s parents are trying to raise money to get their adorable baby boy treatment that will help him see. Go here to read his story.


  • I’m super excited about the weekend. We’re heading to the lake to celebrate the 4th. Emerson will get to meet her cousins, Hannah and Melanie, for the first time and I’ll get to hang with my awesome sister-in-law. Unfortunately, my brother and Jesse won’t be there but they will both be home shortly after! Woohoo! Smile


Bye Bye Baby Weight (BBBW) Week 2


Week 2:
This Week’s Loss/Gain: –1.6
Total Weight Lost: 22.3
Weight to Go- 13.4 lbs

Food:  I had an easy week when it came to eating healthy. We only ate out once and it’s so much easier to count points when we eat at home. I’m still having a hard time eating all of my points every day, but I definitely think I’m eating enough so I’m not too concerned. I didn’t use any of my extra points this week but it’s nice knowing they’re there.

Fitness: I go to my final doctor’s appointment next week so until then I’m just sticking to walking. After I get cleared by my doctor my plan is to start Couch to 5K. Since I haven’t run in so long I really want to start off slow and easy. I think C25K will be the best way to do that. I also ordered Turbo Fire which I talked about here. I am so excited to get started but I do plan on waiting until the end of next week. 


Last Week’s Goals:
- Drink 8 glasses of water every day- Didn’t do so hot with this one
-Walk 3 times (We walked 4 times- yay!)
-Stay within points and track EVERYTHING The WW Iphone app makes this EASY!

emerson week 6 120
Emerson was ready for our walk this morning!

e carrier
We alternate between her carrier and her stroller for walks. As you can tell, she loves the carrier and usually passes out immediately. Smile

This Week’s Goals-
- Drink 8 glasses of water every day
-Walk 4 Times
-Stretch everyday (I’m horrible about this so maybe making it a goal will motivate me to do it.)

If you’re also working on losing the baby weight, or just trying to work on your health and fitness I will be doing BBBW every Monday. Feel free to link up!  If you want the button send me an email and I'll send you the code. Have a great Monday! :)


Project 365 Week 5


Emerson Week 5

Go here to see the full size pictures.


Bye Bye Baby Weight Week 1


On Wednesday, I will be 5 weeks post partum. It’s generally recommended to wait at least 8 weeks before starting any sort of weight loss routine. However, I decided I wanted to go ahead and look into rejoining Weight Watchers last week. Luckily for me, they have an excellent program for nursing mothers and I started it last Monday.  It allows for plenty of calories to keep up with nursing, while still losing weight in a slow and healthy manner. I’ll be documenting it all here- starting today!

I gained about 36 lbs during my pregnancy. Before starting Weight Watchers last week, I lost about 18 lbs. Whoever said that ALL of the weight will just fall right off was lying- at least in my case. I can tell I’m going to have to work hard to get back to the size I want to be. The good news is this week I lost 2.7 lbs, which means I have 15 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Of course, I was about 5 lbs over the weight I like to be when I got pregnant so my ultimate goal is really 20 lbs but I’m going to focus on the first 15 to get started!

This is what I looked like a few days before having Emerson:


This is what I looked like pre-pregnancy and what I’m hoping to get back down to.  (not perfect by any means but something to work towards and definitely better than I look right now) Smile

Ijenda 071


baby weight


Week 1:

This Week’s Loss/Gain: –2.7

Total Weight Lost: 20.7

Weight to Go- 15 lbs


I can’t believe how many points you get on the new WW Points Plus plan. I get 14 extra points each day for nursing plus ALL fruits and vegetables are free on the new plan. This is AWESOME but it does make it hard to eat all of my points every day. I came pretty close most days so I think I did ok. The new plan also allows for 49 extra points for the week. I went to Johnny Carino’s one day for lunch and had cheese tortellini, bread, and salad with gorgonzola dressing. Since I didn’t track my food that day, I counted it as using my extra 49 points.



I am dying to start exercising again but I had my checkup last week and my doctor told me to wait another 2-3 weeks before doing anything more strenuous than walking. My goal last week was to walk every day. Unfortunately the average temperature here has been 100+. This means if I want to walk ,I need to do it before 8:30 or it’s just too hot for Emerson. Last week, we only walked once because we slept past 8:30 every other day. My goals this week is to walk at least 3 times. Next week, I hope to start doing something a little bit more intense.

Goals for this Week:

- Drink 8 glasses of water every day

-Walk 3 times

-Stay within points and track EVERYTHING

Ok Mommies- I’m curious to know what you did/are doing to shed that extra baby weight? If any of you are just getting started and want to link up on Mondays, shoot me an email! Smile


The Very Best Daddy


Daddy, take my hand in yours and you will plainly see

E Week 4 019
How very much I need you now to love and care for me.

Emerson Week 3 057

As my little hand grows, I will need you even more.

Emerson Week 4 003

Everything I do in life, I have never done before.

Emerson Week 3 025

Teach me to be kind and loving, sharing and forgiving.


Show me through your acts of love the pure joy of living.

more emerson 025

The years will pass by quickly and one day I will be grown,


I will pass what you have taught me onto children of my own.

E Week 4 038

Hold me always in your thoughts and remember when we are apart,

emerson 087

The special love between a child and a daddy's heart.

emerson 076

Happy First Father’s Day Daddy!


You are, without a doubt, the very BEST Daddy in the world.

We love you so much and wish you were here. We are counting down the time until we are all together again. We miss you!


Your Girls

God Gave Us You: One Month


My precious baby girl,
One month ago today, at 8:09 pm, you came into this world and changed our lives forever. When I was pregnant with you, I often told you how much I loved you and how I couldn’t wait to meet you. Looking back I now know that I had no idea just how much a mother loves her child. Once you were born I immediately felt a love like I have never known. And as you have grown and changed each day, my love for you has also continued to grow even though I didn’t think it was possible to love you  more than I did that day. Sweet Emerson- the last month has been the very best month of my life. I absolutely love being your Mommy. I love everything about it- holding you and feeding you and looking at your beautiful face. I love the way you smell after I give you a bath and I even love those middle of the night feedings.  One month ago today we were given the very best gift we have ever received. God gave us you and we are so very thankful.
Happy One Month Birthday beautiful girl!
We love you!
e week 5 013
You are such a happy girl. The only time you really cry is when you are hungry. You were hungry while I was trying to take your one month pictures today. I was trying to hurry but you weren’t too happy.
e week 5 089 edit
You weigh 7 lbs 14 ozs so you are up about 10 ozs  from birth. I don’t know how long you are but you are definitely growing.
Emerson Week 4 067
You are still wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes. Some of your newborn sleepers are getting short on you but the 0-3 month clothes are way too big. I guess you’re in the in-between stage right now.
You are still eating well. When you don’t nurse you take 2.5 ozs of pumped milk. You’ve been eating more frequently lately so I think you’re going through a little growth spurt. You love your paci. Soothies are your favorite but you will take others too.
e week 5 040
You are a great sleeper. You nap after each feeding for about an hour. At night you usually go 3-5 hours between eating. A few nights ago you went six hours! Sometimes when I lay you down you aren’t quite ready to go to sleep so I cuddle you in bed with me. You usually fall asleep within a few minutes and then I can put you in your bed and you stay asleep. I don’t know who loves that cuddle time more!
e week 5 003
Everyone comments on how long your hands and feet are. Your pediatrician said she thinks you will be tall.
e week 5 005
You are starting to be much more alert. You make eye contact and focus on objects. You are also starting to enjoy tummy time a little bit more.
Emerson Week 4 049
I wanted to do something special for you for each month of your life. I have seen other Mommies who buy a cake or a cupcake but I wanted to do something different. I decided I will buy you a special book each month. The first book I chose is God Gave Us You. I cried when I read it because it so perfectly describes how we feel about you- our greatest gift of all.
e week 5 099 edit
Happy One Month Birthday baby girl!
We love you more than words could ever say!

Project 365- Week 4

Week 4

Go here to see the full size pictures.


It’s Monday…



It’s another fabulous Monday so I’m linking up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday.

one- It’s after Noon and we’re (E and I) still in our pajamas.  She looks way cuter in hers…

E Week 4 101

two- Our big plans for the day include taking Emerson to get her passport photos made. I guess we’ll have to change out of our pajamas for that…


three-  Jarod and Molly’s party was a blast and it was so awesome to see them. They make the absolute cutest couple and I’m SO happy that they tied the knot. I hope we get to see them again before we make our big move.

E Week 4 020

four- I really need to go to the DMV sometime in the next few days. My NC license expires in December so I’ve decided to get a TX license again and I have to do it before we move. I know the next few weeks will be busy so I need to get it done. I just dread it but at least I don’t have to take a driving test. Smile


five-  We have a bread thief in our house. A few days ago I took Emerson on a walk. I forgot to shut the pantry door before I left and when I came home I found the wrapper to a loaf of French bread on the floor. I figured that the dogs had eaten the whole thing and didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes later I was in my room feeding Emerson when I heard Oscar rooting around in his bed. Next thing I know, he pulls out the whole loaf of bread, gives me a look, and carries it out of the room. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Emerson Week 3 029

six-  I’m completely stressing out. Remember how I mentioned that I bought Emerson the Newborn Rock N’ Play and how much she loves it? Well today I was reading the reviews on Amazon and found out something horrible. Apparently it has caused several babies to develop flat spots on their heads and many of them have ended up having to wear helmets to correct it. It also caused shortened/tight neck muscles in some babies that required physical therapy. I had read some of the review before I bought it but didn’t read the ones with one star so I was really surprised. I’m going to do some more research before I decide what to do but I’m bummed because she loves it so much (and she looks so darn cute in it!)

Emerson Week 3 080


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