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When Jesse and I moved we sold both of our cars and bought an old Toyota 4-Runner. We knew we didn’t want to take anything nice to Africa because it would only be destroyed by the end of our tour.

29th birthday 059(hauling bamboo)

Luckily, the 4 Runner has held up and has actually been a really great car. In fact we’ve liked it so much that we will probably keep it for Jesse to drive to and from work when we return to the States.

That being said, we’re going to have to buy another car when we get back. It will be our primary vehicle so we want something reliable and nice. Since we’ll have a little one in tow, we also want something roomy and safe. In essence, we need a Momma Mobile. Smile At this point we’re thinking about getting an SUV.

Even though we have plenty of time before we have to start thinking about it, I’ve already started my research. Here are a few things that are on my list of wants:

  • leather interior (it’s so much easier to clean)
  • 3rd row seating
  • built in DVD players in the back (we need entertainment for the kiddo)
  • decent gas mileage
  • good warranty

So far these are my favorites:

 Toyota Highlander



 Toyota 4-Runner




Acura MDX



Volvo XC90



Lexus GX



As you can see, these are all 2011 models. We won’t be buying a brand new car so 2011s will be perfect when we’re finally back in 2013. Some of these cars are probably out of the range of what we’re willing to spend and our tastes will have probably changed by then, but it sure is fun to look and dream.

All you SUV owners out there: What do you drive? I’d love opinions/recommendations. (Yes I know I have tons of time to think about it but remember what I said about being indecisive….) Winking smile




I am 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go until my due date (as of yesterday)!!! Woohooo!

35 weeks 005

For some reason I look really tired in this picture. I guess that means I need a nap. Smile

From my point of view:

35 weeks 010

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size of Baby: She should be between 19-20 inches long and weigh as much as a honeydew melon.


Movement: She’s a wild girl. She is always moving and I love every second of it. She also has the hiccups all.the.time. It is the cutest thing ever.

Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +30 lbs!

Sleep: I’m sleeping good but I do sometimes wake up very early and  have trouble going back to sleep. I guess it’s good practice for those late night feedings.

What I miss: Buying regular clothes. There are so many cute things out there right now. I can’t wait to be back to my normal size (I know it’s going to take a while, though.)

Cravings: none

Symptoms: none

Best Moment this week: Just knowing that we’re getting closer to her arrival.  I start weekly doctor’s appointments next week which means she’ll be here before we know it! We also put her stroller together. I still love it as much as when I saw it in the store which is a really good thing considering how indecisive I am. (It looks pink and gray in the picture but it’s really more of a dark tan/khaki color with pink accents.)

35 weeks 018

35 weeks 025

Baby Purchases: I haven’t bought anything lately but I have still been making bows. Mine aren’t as cute as the ones you can buy, though. I’ve found some on Etsy that I want so bad. They’re much fancier than the ones that I’ve been making. I’m sure I’ll break down and buy them soon. The problem is her bow holder is already full! This little girl already has more accessories than I do. Smile

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I’m loving that I have a lunch date with my wonderful Granny today. There’s nothing better than Mexican food with Granny. Smile

Granny's visit 025

I’m loving that my wonderful friend Amy let me redesign her blog for her. She blogs at Young Life Marine Wife and mentioned something about wanting to redo her blog. I asked if she would let me try my hand at it and she agreed (brave girl!) I had so much fun doing it and I love the way it turned out. Check it out and while you’re there take the time to get to know Amy- she’s an awesome girl with a really fun blog!

amy button

I’m loving that I am 35 weeks pregnant today! It is so hard to believe that we are getting so close to meeting our sweet baby girl. Check back tomorrow for an updated bump picture. I haven’t done one since 32 weeks and this bump is getting BIG!

I’m loving that I’m hosting a fun giveaway in honor of my one year blogiversary. Go here to enter to win a $25.00 gift card to Zulily.

blog giveaway

I’m loving my life. I am beyond blessed and have so many awesome things to look forward to in the next few months! God is SO good!


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Blogiversary Giveaway


Today is my blog’s one year blogiversary!

It’s hard to believe I started my little blog with this post exactly one year ago today. Since then the layout and title of my blog has changed numerous times but my reason for keeping up with it has not changed at all. It’s been a great place to share our adventures with our friends and family from thousands of miles away. Now that we’re about to embark on our biggest adventure yet I’m really looking forward to all the fun things I’ll get to share!


In honor of my blogiversary, I’m hosting a fun little giveaway. You’ve all seen my posts about the awesome Zulily. I’ve ordered some really cute things from there and I have been so pleased with the price and the quality so I thought I’d share it with you too.


This giveaway is for a $25.00 gift card to Zulily.

What is Zulily?

It’s an online boutique that sells women’s, children’s and baby items at deep discounts for limited amounts of time- usually about 72 hours.

Here are some of the adorable things you can find on Zulily right now.





While many of their items are for babies and children, they also sell plenty of fun adult stuff too- such as bathing suits, handbags, and designer shoes. So even if you don’t have kids you will definitely be able to find something that you love!


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Good luck!


Lots of Loves



Before I get started, let me give fair warning- most of my loves are baby related this week! Smile

I’m loving the awesome My Silly Monkeys giveaway I won from Jen at A Girl in Pearls and a Boy with Toys. Isn’t this pillowcase dress awesome? I can’t wait to get it! Won’t it look precious with her monogram on the front?


I’m loving all things Mud Pie. They make THE cutest baby stuff I have ever seen. I want everything! I haven’t bought much from them yet- I mostly just browse and drool but I did happen to stumble across a few cute things at a children’s boutique here in town yesterday.

I got this adorable Christmas dress (the sleeveless will be perfect in the hot climate we’re going to) and it was 75 percent off! They had a few others that I was very tempted to buy but I’m wondering if I’m going a bit overboard. I guess she can’t wear Christmas outfits every day in December. Or can she?


Mud Pie Reindeer Dress

Then I bought these two bows/headbands. I’ve been eying them for several weeks and trying to decide if I wanted to buy them. I thought about making something similar myself but by the time I bought all the ribbon it would cost as much as buying them. Then last week I saw a little baby with the zebra headband on and I knew I had to have it. When I saw them at the boutique yesterday, I snatched them up.  I know they’re a bit ridiculous and my bow obsession is getting out of hand. But seriously, how cute are these?


Wild Child Zebra Headband


Wild Child Giraffe Headband

Since I don’t have a baby to try them on, these two willingly filled in.



(Disclaimer- no animals were hurt during this photo shoot!) Winking smile

I’m loving that I will only have to wear maternity clothes for a few more months. When I first got pregnant I couldn’t wait to wear them, but now that all this cute summer stuff is coming out, I’m dying to wear regular clothes again. I’m loving all the adorable sun dresses. I think they’ll be perfect post-baby (after I lose a few pounds, of course!)


Old Navy Babydoll Dress


Express Ruffled Crossover Dress


Belted Chambray Dress


AE Festival Dress

Along with new summer clothes, I’ll also need some new shoes. I’ve mostly been wearing flip flops but I absolutely love wedges and can’t wait to get some for summer. My favorite pair finally bit the dust so I’ll definitely need a replacement. I’ve found a few that I love but I’ll save those for another day.

And of course, I’m loving my hubby, my family, and my sweet puppies. They’re the things that matter the most!

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Diaper Bag Dilemma: Solved!


So, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was having a really difficult time finding a diaper bag that I liked. I didn’t really want anything that was too busy because I was afraid I would get tired of it. Last time I was at the doctor I saw something I loved from Pishposh Mommy in a magazine. They make diaper bag inserts. Basically,  it’s a drawstring bag and you fill it with all of your baby essentials and then put it in any bag you want. With it’s clever design, you can make any purse or bag into a diaper bag.
They also sell these adorable diaper clutches. They’re big enough to hold 1-2 diapers and a pack of wipes. They’re perfect for times when you don’t need your whole diaper bag.
I mentioned in a few earlier posts that my crafty Mom has been making all kinds of cool stuff for Emerson. When I showed her these bags, she decided that she could probably make them. We picked out some fabric and she went to work. I gave a sneak peak  the other day, but here is the finished product.
The drawstring diaper bag insert:
It’s perfect because it has tons of pockets on the inside and the outside and it’s drawstring so it’s easy to get into and find stuff. My mom also put a stabilizing lining in it which makes it stand up on it’s own. That means it won’t collapse if it’s empty. Isn’t she talented?
The diaper clutch:
And the whole set together (including matching changing pad):
Now I can put these bags into any large tote and it instantly becomes a diaper bag. I LOVE the way they turned out. The only bad part is that they will be inside the diaper bag so no one will ever get to see just how adorable they are!
After my Mom finished the project,  I started the search for a large handbag or tote to put the insert into.  I couldn’t really find what I was looking for so I was so excited to find a diaper bag that the insert will fit perfectly into.  I was even more excited because I got a GREAT deal. I love Zulily! The chocolate brown color and simple design is exactly what I was looking for. I think it will be perfect for everyday use. It also has several pockets on the inside and outside. When I add the diaper bag insert it will be super easy to stay organized.
Of course, they were having such an excellent sale, I couldn’t pass this one up either. It doesn’t go with my color scheme at all and the pattern is much brighter but I thought it was so cute.  It’s also a big bigger and bulkier than what I originally planned on buying but I couldn’t resist. I’ll definitely be carrying the brown one most of the time, but this will be a fun one for occasional use.
The best part about both of these bags is that they clip right to the stroller. I think that will be a big plus when we’re out exploring the new city we will call home. Smile
Now that I have the diaper bag situation all figured out I can’t wait to pack it with all of the essentials we’ll need to bring Emerson home!
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