Munich, baby!


I promise this is the very last post about Germany!

We spent our last day in Munich. We didn’t get there until 1:00 in the afternoon because the train ride from Garmisch takes about 2 hours. When we got there we checked into our hotel and then we took the train back to the City Center. It was a Monday afternoon so we were thinking it would be pretty empty and we’d get to walk around and take pictures of all of the old buildings.

Unfortunately, we were very WRONG! Little did we know, it was the last day of Carnival which means that everyone gathers in the City Center for a wild night of partying. As soon as we stepped off the train we knew it wouldn’t be a quiet day of strolling around the city.

There were people EVERYWHERE. Most were in crazy costumes (think Halloween-only crazier) and many were drinking. There was confetti EVERYWHERE and live music coming from each street corner. (I didn’t really get any pictures of the costumes but this will give you an idea of how crowded it was.)




Despite the crowds, we were able to walk around for a bit and see some of the awesome architecture.







After walking around a little bit we decided to head to Hard Rock Café for dinner. It was delicious!


When we finished dinner, it was starting to get dark and we could see that the true partying was about to start. Everyone was standing in the streets drinking champagne, live music was playing, and huge groups of policemen were standing around everywhere. We knew that was our cue to head back to our hotel. Don’t get me wrong- we love a good time as much as the next person but  being 7 months pregnant and a huge, crazy party in a foreign country just doesn’t mix too well. There’s always next time though……


Regan said...

Hi! I just found your blog and have read a few of your post! I am 32 weeks pregnant and I love finding other women who are close to the same time frame that I am! I will enjoy following your blog as we make our way to the arrival of our little ones!!!

Kit said...

I love all of the pictures! You two had such great trip!

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