This is What I'm Loving...


It's time to link up with Jamie and share what we're loving!

I'm loving that I am *this* close to stepping on American soil, seeing my family, and my sweet babies. I CANNOT wait!!! :)

I'm loving that Blog Bible Study with Rebekah and Blessed Mama starts today. We're reading A Woman After God's Own Heart and completing the Bible study that goes along with it. You should definitely join in!

I'm loving that I FINALLY figured out how to make my blog wider so that everything is not so crammed together. I've been trying to do it for months and everytime I did, it would mess everything up. After tons of trial and error, it finally worked! Now I just need to tweak a few more things and I think I'll be happy with it.

I'm loving that we will have two new babies to celebrate in less than a month. My niece Ally and my sweet friend Mandy's baby, Ann Elise. They are both due very soon and I cannot wait!

Speaking of babies, I'm loving these adorable creations from Etsy.

Zebra Onesie

Damask Set

It is my firm belief that a baby girl cannot have too much pink or too many ruffles. ;)

I'm loving the two fun movies we watched last night. I love when I am able to convince Jesse to watch Chick Flicks. The funny thing is, he actually liked both of them.

I'm loving my awesome family, amazing friends (both old and new) and my wonderful hubby. I am blessed beyond measure!

BeckyJo606 said...

Found your blog through Jamie's with WILW. So cute! I love the baby things you're giving to the little girls. I have the same philosophy you do--never enough pink! :) I also am doing the blogging Bible Study! Looking forward to getting started! :)

Emily P. said...

LOVE the etsy finds...I'm having a little girl in may :)

Mom said...

We can't wait until you are here. The baby outfits are too cute. We can get creative and do lots of shopping once you are here. Love Mom

Mrs. DIY said...

It's funny you said that about your blog layout! That's the first thing I noticed when I came across your blog! How wonderfully wide it was- haha! I wish I could figure out how to do that to mine. Blog layouts are so tricky...

ALSO! I LOVE those sweet baby girl outfits you posted. Whenever my husband and I start thinking about children (in a few years) I am going to go CRAZY with the pink and ruffles for a baby girl.

We could be friends. :)


Kit said...

I know you can not wait to see your pups!!! I love that monogramed stuff especially those bloomers!!

Emily said...

Love those baby outfits! I'm glad you'll get to be home soon!!!

Paula Michelle said...

love, love, love your dogs! Miniature schnauzers are the best! : )

Kati said...

I really want to see "You Again." Betty White is so funny! And, awww I bet your doggies will be so happy to see you!

kebowman said...

i love etsy!! I dont think i've seen a single thing on there that wasn't cute!!

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