Thanksgiving Success


One 10 lbs turkey imported from South Africa

2 gallons of vegetable oil purchased at the local market
70,000 FBU ($56.00 USD)

One fire extinguisher in case of emergency

Having turkey on Thanksgiving in a country where turkey is pretty much impossible to find:


I am happy to report that our first turkey day in Africa was a success! We had to be creative and maybe even a little innovative, but everything came out perfectly and we had a wonderful day filled with delicious food and great friends.

It's tradition in the Lynch family to fry the turkey on Thanksgiving. We were determined to do it this year too, even though we didn't have a turkey, a turkey fryer, or any of the tools we needed.
Luckily, we were able to order a turkey from an import company in South Africa. It was definitely the most expensive little turkey we've ever bought, but it was well worth every penny. A friend in our group also ordered a turkey- so we ended up with two. It was the perfect amount of food for everyone.
We were also able to make do without the turkey fryer- Jesse used the next best thing: the stove!
Remember what I said about lacking the tools we needed? Most turkey fryers come with a special holder that is used to lower the turkey into the oil. Since we didn't have that, Jesse fashioned his own- out of a coathanger!
While Jesse slaved a way over the stove, I did a little baking/cooking of my own.
I made green bean cassrole- so easy, yet so delicious!
 I also made the Praline Cheesecake Bars that I talked about in my last post. These bars were sinfully delicious! This recipe is going in to my "must make again" file!
Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without pumpkin pie and I did make one, but I just can't share the pictures. It was my first time making crust and although it tasted great, it wasn't the most beautiful. :)
When it was time to eat, we sat down to a table full of yummy dishes. It's so much fun to do a potluck style Thanksgiving because you get to taste everyone's cooking.

Even though it was 90 plus degrees outside and we are thousands of miles away from home, we had one of the best Thanksgivings ever. It just goes to show that anything is possible with a little imagination, good food, and great friends.
We truly have so much to be thankful for this year and yesterday was definitely proof of that.

Michelle said...

Those praline cheesecake bars do look yummy! I am bookmarking the site!!!

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