Blog Challenge Days 25 iPOD shuffle


I love this one! My playlist is completely random and full of all kinds of different music so I was curious to see what would pop up. Here are my first 10 songs on shuffle:

Kristofferson    Tim McGraw
Time after Time   Cyndi Lauper
Hanging By A Moment   Lifehouse
I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues Elton John
Smack That   Akon
Crazy    Aerosmith
Push Matchbox 20
You Look So Good In Love George Strait
We Be Jammin    Bob Marley
Everytime Britney Spears  

Can you guess my favorite from this list?
Kit said...

I think that I have all of those songs on my iPod as well :)

aleasa said...

i have no idea what your favorite is, but i think smack that should be on everyone's playlist :)

and CRAZY by aerosmith would be MY favorite if you were wondering!

BARBIE said...

Great list. Time after Time brings back so many memories for me!

Venessa said...

awesome list of music picks!

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