Another 4 in the Corps


Last week, Jesse re-enlisted in the Marine Corps for another 4 years. This will take him to just under 20 which means it could very possibly be his very last enlistment before retirement. We're both kind of awe in when we think about it because I swear we were JUST the young kids brand new to the Marine Corps way of life.

I've been there for a couple of Jesse's promotions but this was the first reenlistment I've attended. It was fun to watch and I even got a really nice Certificate of Appreciation.

I'm so proud of Jesse and the years of dedication he's given to the Marine Corps. Let's hope these next 4 years are as good to us as the last 16 have been!

Adelyn is THREE!!!


Three years ago yesterday, we met the baby girl that would complete our little family. She is our little spitfire, the messiest thing I have ever met and a total love bug. She certainly keeps us on our toes and I can't imagine our family without her.



And now the big three!

Here's a little bit more about Adelyn at THREE:

Height: 38 inches
Weight: 33 lbs.

Shoe Size: 9
Clothes: 3t

Sleep: She rarely naps and when does she's up way too late. Her normal bedtime is around 7:30 and she's usually up by 6:00. She still wakes up during the night at least once a week. Usually one of us lays down with her for a few minutes and she goes right back to sleep.

Favorite Sayings:
What in the world?
That's making me nervous.
I'm getting frustrated.
Nobody knows
Play with me, sissy.
You nice, momma.
Can I play just two minutes?
Will you lay down with me?
I want to watch nothing else or I want to watch nothing on your phone. (I don't have the heart to tell her it's something but I think it's just the cutest.)
I'm sorry, momma.

She calls peanut butter peter butter.

She can say the P sound most of the time but sometimes substitutes it with a T. She says Penny just fine but calls Parker Tarker.

More about Adelyn:
She is pretty much impossible to photograph. She closes her eyes and puts her chin up or moves to much that the entire pictures is a blur.

She can't eat a meal without getting it all over her clothes, the table, and possibly the wall.

She has to eat breakfast the minute she wakes up.

She's known to sneak into the pantry for snacks throughout the day. We've honestly been considering getting a lock for it because our snack stash disappears in a matter of days.

She loves to help in the kitchen. She puts silverware aways and loves helping me cook or bake.

She has two small pieces of a swaddle blanket that she calls her blankies. She has to have them for bedtime.

When she plays she has to dump out the entire bucket of toys.

She can recognize about 5 letters of the alphabet and has no interest in learning the rest.

She plays rough and rarely gets hurt. We always tell Emerson she better be nice to her now because once she's bigger she'll be able to beat her up.

She can be quite stubborn and once she makes up her mind about something there is no going back.

She is wild at home but she is usually more shy and reserved around others.

She loves to go to Target and walk around. She usually behaves very well in stores as long as I let her walk and look at what she wants to look at.

When she's tired she gets wild and rough.  We've learned not to go out to eat or run any errands after 4:30 if she hasn't had a nap.

Her favorite shows are Daniel Tiger, Curious George and she loves kids videos on You Tube.

Her favorites foods are oatmeal, cheese, carrots, and pretty much any kind of snack you can buy.

playing with Little People and busy book figurines
baby dolls
the color orange
her big sister
riding her bike
playing outside
swinging at the park

using napkins
being told what to do
cleaning up
taking pictures
 That girl is just a mess but man do we love her! She has a heart of gold and the funniest little personality. She brought a whole new dynamic to our family and it has been such a blessing watching her grow. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Adelyn Elise. We love you to the moon and back!!!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.....


It's back to work I go! Yep, you read that right. After almost 6 amazing years as a stay at home momma, I'm returning to the work force. It's something that has been on my mind for over a year now and I'm thrilled that it has all worked out even better than I imagined. I don't have an exact start date but it should be in the next two weeks! Eeek!!!
So, I'm sure you're wondering what I'll be doing. I will be working as a Training and Curriculum Specialist for the Children, Youth and Teen program at our local base. My primary role is to ensure that all staff and teachers receive their required annual training as well as any additional training pertinent to their jobs. I get to visit classrooms, observe teachers and children in their daily routines, and plan professional development sessions for the staff. Basically, it's the perfect fit for me! I feel like it gives me an opportunity to make a difference starting with our youngest Marine Corps family members and the amazing staff that care for them. I know for sure that I'll love it because I've done it before. It's the last position I held before we moved overseas. I didn't get to do it very long because we got orders shortly after I was hired but as soon as we left, I prayed that I would one day be able to return. I can't believe that day has finally come!

The best part of all is that my sweet girl will get to come with me. She'll be enrolled in a preschool classroom at the child development center right next door. Knowing that I'll be able to check in on her throughout the day gives me great peace of mind and makes me even more excited. The thing she is most looking forward to is taking a nap at school. We'll see how long that excitement lasts. ;)

Of course one of the things I've worried most about is not being home when Emerson gets home. In an amazing turn of events, Jesse's work schedule has changed and he will be home every day to get Emerson off the bus. That means he can help her with her homework and get dinner started before I even get home.

When making the decision to go back to work I knew that there would be a lot of moving parts that had to be accounted for. It's definitely not a decision that I made lightly and it was only after lots of prayers and discussion with Jesse. I truly felt that it was the right decision for our family and will help us to achieve some of our long term goals.  It's going to be a big adjustment for our family but I feel like so many of the things I have worried about are already failing into place. After a very long (almost 6 months) and competitive hiring process, I feel beyond blessed to have this opportunity. Now it's time to dig out all of my old work clothes that have been hiding at the back of my closet for the last 6 years!  I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to cute outfits and I'm seriously considering dedicating a portion of my first paycheck to updating my wardrobe. I mean, it's necessary for work, right? :)



My planner has this fun little page at the beginning of each month. I've totally failed at filling it out there but I think it would be neat to blog it each month.

Reading: I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't read a book in the last few months. This summer I was a reading machine but I've slacked off in the last few months. I'd love some suggestions!

Planning: Adelyn's 3rd Birthday Party. It's going to be small and simple. Her only request is an orange cake and orange decorations. :)

Watching: Grey's Anatomy. I was a huge fan for years and then stopped watching when we moved overseas. A few months ago I decided to restart the series from the very beginning. I'm hooked once again and try to sneak in a few episodes a week.

Cooking: The best thing I've made lately is this Spinach Artichoke Dip. It was seriously amazing and even the kids loved it.

Eating: Coffee right at this moment :)

Pinning: I've been pinning a ton of recipes, organization ideas, and decor stuff. If only my budget could keep up with my pins!

Crafting: I'm finishing up the last touches on the kids art gallery wall on the playroom. I can't wait to share because I truly love it.

Loving: Blogging again! It has been fun to go back through our pictures from the last year and gather up my favorites. I truly forgot how happy blogging makes me.

Dreaming: I'm dreaming of a tropical vacation. It's freezing here right now. Jesse and I had hoped to take a trip for our 15 year anniversary and it didn't work out so I'm hoping 2017 will be our year.

Feeling: Content

Listening: I pretty much have The Lumineers Cleopatra album on repeat. Other than that it's KLove. I've been thinking about getting into Podcasts.  Do you have any you love?

Celebrating: Big News! (No, it's not a baby. :) I'll share more soon!
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